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How To Track Employees? Now Monitoring is Easy with Spy App?

Covid.19 affected all the business community whether employees or employers. Millions of employees had to face unemployment and unprecedented loss has been reported to businesses. Employers were having a hard time trusting their employee’s productivity of work from home. And many of the employees took advantage of the novelty of the employers as well. Even if the employer is well experienced, they still always find ways to deceive him. So, for maintaining the decorum of quality of work along with the respect of the privacy of employees, we are providing an outstanding solution for you. You can keep tracking their activities during working hours without them knowing. And it can be done with the help of simple software which is known as mSpy.

Why You Should Track Employees?

If your company is hiring workers that are going to work from home for any reason or are going to have the perks of the company’s phones or automobiles, you are going to need to track employees’ activities during working hours. You should know whether the accessories you have provided are used for work or not. And for this motive to track employees, we are providing software of mSpy that have built-in functions of stating all the necessary information to you.

There is a scarcity of digital tools that help you to track employees along with the respect of keeping privacy. There are so many services that enable you to have stealth monitoring, keyboard activity while employees working on PCs, optical character recognition, live video feeds, and all the necessary pieces of information that track employees’ behavior to formulate the workers’ quality-work assessment. Despite all these features, there is always a risk of surveillance. And it jeopardizes the trust environment between employees and employers. While mSpy eliminates all these risks and helps you to track employees with complete confidentiality.

Why You Should Use mSpy – Spy Phone App?

When it comes to the use of applications to track employees at work, mSpy is among the most popular ones and the best choice because of its outstanding features and ease.

With just the use of a single piece of software of mSpy, you can track all the social media accounts of your cheating spouse. With the use of mSpy, you can also track employees’ all incoming, outgoing calls, text messages, and social media. And not only does this mSpy also have a feature that provides you with GPS location, that is also beneficial to track employees that work off-site or workers who are using automobiles of the company and need to be at a specific location at a specific time. Employers can ensure that they are not using their accessories for personal gain.

mSpy provides an initial benefit to record conversations of their employees. If you suspect that the ongoing call can harm your company’s repute in any way, mSpy is designed to keep that in mind and you can interrupt that discussion. mSpy gives an initial advantage to track employees that are using the company’s internet. You can monitor their internet usage, visited websites, date, time, and how often that website has been opened. Employers even have access to block specific applications so the worker cannot use them. This is useful when it comes to social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, etc.

once the mSpy is installed in desired devices to track employees, software becomes nontraceable. Workers will never be able to know that they are monitored and all their working history will be uploaded in the user control panel. The employer can have access to it with any device having an internet connection.

mSpy Pricing Plan

Given the services provided by mSpy that enables you to track employees to see whether they are following their job description or not, mSpy is in range. Employers need to make sure that the hired personnel are trustworthy and are providing quality work. mSpy is providing specific packages according to the budget of their company.

The Basic Package:

This is a package of mSpy that has the boon to enable employers to track employees without paying a lot of money, but the bane is that it doesn’t provide you with all the monitoring services. This is a great package if you want to use it on a specific employee for their questionable behavior:

● You can get it for 1 month by paying $39.99
● You can get it for 3 months by paying $59.99

The Premium Package:

This is the most suitable package to test all the newly hired employers to evaluate their performance. It enables you to find out the most enthusiastic workers that are honest to the company as well as to their work.

● You can get it for 1 month by paying $69.99
● You can get it for 3 months by paying $119.99
● You can get it for 6 months by paying $149.99
● You can get it for 12 months by paying $199.99

The Business Package:

This package of mSpy enables its employers to track employees for the long term and can accommodate at least 5 at a time.

● You can get it for 6 months by paying $499
● you can get it for 12 months by paying $799

mSpy has been designed by keeping employers in mind. It offers the most advanced features at affordable prices that make it the trendiest one on the market.

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