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Twitter Super Follows Earned Just a Little Over $6K in First Two Weeks

Twitter’s creator platform Super Follows, is off to a rocky start. It is contributing about $6,000 in US iOS income in the first two weeks of the feature’s availability. It is manufactured in Canada for around $600.

A tiny part of the income may be attributable to Ticketed Spaces, Twitter’s other in-app payment option available in the United States – but there is no way for an independent company to determine this portion. 

Introduction of Twitter Super Follows

Twitter originally revealed its intentions to introduce Super Follows at its February Analyst Day event. During this, the company outlined a number of future revenue-generating efforts. 

Twitter’s economic model is heavily reliant on advertising today. Luckily, Super Follows is one of the few ways the company is diversifying. Additionally, the business now allows artists to charge for admission to their live events via Ticketed Spaces. Outside of the United States, Twitter has started testing a premium product for power users dubbed Twitter Blue. 

However, Super Follows, which is geared at creators, is the initiative with the most potential for popular acceptance.  

It’s also one that’s attempting to capitalize on the burgeoning creator economy, in which content producers develop an audience and then earn money directly via subscriptions. Thus, it reduces their reliance on advertising or brand agreements. They take a small cut of the revenue generated by this company to help finance the creation tools. (In the case of Twitter, the reduction is just 3%.) 

The functionality would seem to make sense for Twitter, which already enables high-profile individuals and everyday users to interact and converse in the same timeline. Super Follows enhances that access by bringing fans even closer to their favorite creators. These could be musicians, artists, comedians, influencers, authors, gamers, or other professionals.  

Monthly Membership Fee

The artists may charge fans a monthly membership fee of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 to get access to additional “behind-the-scenes” material of their choice. These are often in the form of further tweets, Q&As, or other forms of engagement with subscribers. 

At launch, Twitter granted Super Follows to a select group of creators, including the following:  

According to Twitter, Super Follows are available to less than 100 creators in total. 

While access to the creation side is restricted, subscribers have unlimited access to creators. Any Twitter iOS user in the United States or Canada may “Super Follow” an unlimited number of the creator accounts. Twitter’s average monetizable daily active user base in the United States was 169 million as of Q2 2021. Naturally, only a small proportion of them will be iOS users. 

Nevertheless, Twitter’s Super Follow platform may easily have millions of “possible” clients at launch. Given that many of the top in-app purchases are for artists providing material at a lower price range. Its present income suggests that just a few thousand customers have done so. 

Super Follows Statistics

Sensor Tower says that the $6,000 spent by US consumers on iOS during the first two weeks of September was estimated (Sept. 1-14). Prior to this timeframe, iOS users in the United States spent just $100 from August 25 to August 31. This is a number that corresponds to user spending on Ticketed Spaces during that time period. In other words, Tickets Spaces’ impact on this $6,000 in iOS customer purchasing is most likely very minimal. 

Twitter’s iOS in-app purchase income from September 1 to September 14 was a meager $600 in Canada, the other country where Super Follows is now accessible to users. (This includes subscription income from Twitter Blue, which is currently being tested in Canada and Australia.) 

During the same time period, Twitter users on iOS spent $9,000, which includes income from other Ticketed Spaces and beta testing of its premium service, Twitter Blue. (Twitter’s Tip Jar, a method of directly compensating artists, is not available through in-app purchases.) 

Unlike previous Twitter products, which evolved via observation of what users were already doing — such as utilizing hashtags high quality replica watches or retweeting material — many of Twitter’s newest services are efforts to redefine the platform’s use cases.  

Twitter has introduced features for not just authors but also for e-commerce, organizing reading materials, subscribing to newsletters, connecting in communities, talking through audio, fact-checking information, staying current with trends, and speaking more discreetly. 


Twitter’s stance on the slower-than-expected start to Super Follows is that it is still too early to draw any conclusions. While it is reasonable, it is also worthwhile to monitor adoption to see if the new product gained fast momentum. 

When contacted for comment on Sensor Tower’s statistics, a Twitter representative stated that this is only the beginning for Super Follows. Our first objective is to guarantee creators are set up for success. This is why they are working closely with a selective number of creators in this initial iteration. This is to ensure they have the greatest experience possible with Super Follows before they expand the feature.  

Additionally, the representative stated that Twitter Super Follows was established to assist artists in earning more money. With Super Follows, individuals may earn up to 97 percent of income after in-app purchase costs. This is valid up to a lifetime earnings cap of $50,000. They may earn up to 80% of income after in-app purchase fees after earning $50,000 in lifetime earnings. 

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