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Top 6 Social Media Marketing Tools of 2016

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Written by Syed Qasim Abbas

Social media marketing is an important aspect of running any modern business. Tools make social media marketing easier. This article features the six best social media marketing tools of the current year. Social media is a staple for running both online and offline businesses. Social media is here to stay and is becoming more and more ingrained in people’s everyday lives. Here are the six best social media marketing tools that you should include into your arsenal.


Brand24You’ll always want to know what and how people are talking about your brand. Brand24 removes the hassle of needing to Google how people are interacting with your brand. It gives you access to real-time information of people’s conversations about your brand on social media. This makes responding to inquiries and feedback across multiple social media platforms very easy. Brand24 helps you judge if a marketing campaign is working or not.


CyfeCyfe describes itself as an all-in-one business dashboard. Cyfe makes it easy to monitor every important piece of analytic data that your brand needs. It provides its users with pre-built widgets that retrieve data from popular services like Google or Salesforce. It also makes monitoring and receiving real-time reports easy, as well as allowing you to share these reports to customers or anyone else. Cyfe comes with a variety of dashboards including a signup dashboard, a social media dashboard, a marketing dashboard, finance dashboard, sales dashboard, and many more.


EdgarRecycling old content is a common practice even for well-established blogs. Recycling old content is one of the most reliable ways to drive traffic to your site. Edgar makes recycling old content easy. Edgar categorizes your old content into queues. Posts on these queues are then published on a schedule you set. After a post is published, it is then placed at the bottom of a queue. Now you essentially have a never-ending queue of old content that is re-published on a schedule.


NuzzelNuzzel is a web service that helps you discover top news and stories shared by your friends and connections. Nuzzel is a great tool for discovering influencers that can help you with your marketing campaign. It’s also a great tool for learning more about what interests your audience. Nuzzel also comes in iOS and Android versions.


AgoraPulseAgoraPulse is a nifty little tool that helps you manage your social media accounts. AgoraPulse provides you with an inbox that compiles anything and everything social media. This inbox makes it so that you never miss any important Tweet or comment related to your brand. The service also helps you organize your followers and receive detailed reports on how your followers are interacting with you on social media.


BufferGetting any traction on social media requires consistency. Buffer lets you schedule your posts on various social media platforms. This makes posting on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ hassle free. You can publish new posts days or months ahead of time, allowing you to keep your social media profiles active even if you’re offline or working on something else.


CanvaVisuals help get your content noticed. Canva is a tool that lets you create simple images for your blog posts, social media pages, or anything else you might need. Their initial service is completely free, allowing you to make anything from Facebook and Twitter cover pages to blog images, using their collection of free images and templates. Canva is easy to learn and as long as you follow their templates, can make anything you create look like it was made by a professional designer. Premium images and templates can be unlocked with a small fee. Social media marketing tools can go a long way to improving how much attention your brand is getting. There are hundreds of tools out there that deserve attention. But only a handful of them are the best at what they do. These six tools will work wonders for your brand, and can help grow your business at an steady rate.

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