Gamification Meanings

What is Gamification? 2022s Ultimate Knowledge About Gamification

The act of learning while playing is known as gamification. The addition of learning programs in the form of games in the non-game environment like websites, businesses, organizations of learning and management, and educational institutes are defined in terms of gamification.

In today’s world, we have been familiarized with several methods of learning. Scientists say that learning while playing is the most advanced and intensified one. It’s because games tend to make the hard stuff in life fun. In schools, this rule can be applied to all students. Whenever a complex concept is taught in the form of games, students are going to remember it in the long run.

Gamification Tactics

Gamification provides an environment to the audience where they can use their skills to fulfill the goals with their proactive directions and interaction with other players. Feedback on their performance is also being provided to players in terms of game dynamics and mechanics in online platforms for the accomplishment of their target.

Whenever participants achieve their goals, a sense of accomplishment and success surrounds them and like the real game world, they are promoted to the next level toward achieving their next target. In the gamification programs, the people get the guided steps for performing their tasks with continuous feedback and comparison with fellow players to boost up their performance that help them motivate and compete with their colleagues.

Gamification to Expand Business

As the business community grows larger and wider, many organizations are embracing the use of gamification to blow away their competitors. Basically, gamification has become a technique that has outstanding designs and mechanics to motivate interested parties to achieve goals. Around 80 out of 100% of employees work more efficiently and diligently when the training is gamified. It even helps workers to be productive and innovative and they become an important asset to serve their company even more better.

Here is a list of examples who used gamification to enhance their businesses.

The US Army

The participants here are capable of making maps and strategies to combat the fierce battle with their enemies. This game has been introduced by defense institutions and provides a training program as well. It gets the attention of a lot of youngsters and motivates them to join US armed forces.


Omnicare is the US’s largest online pharmacy service. This company gamifies its customer service practice by using the strategy of awarding points and rewards. And the leaderboard here is used to highlight top performers. These achievers are recognized with amazon gift cards and movie tickets. By creating this competitive environment, Omnicare has succeeded in providing the best services to its customers and reduced their waiting time by 50%.

Fresh desk

Freshworks made a customer support software that is cloud-based and aimed to increase the productivity of their (CSA) customers service agents. Here the clients have access to help boost the enthusiasm of employees on the job. By gamification of their software, they see their customer service agents become more well-organized and efficient as their complex tasks have been converted to fun. In return, Freshdesk has received happy customers reviews and a surge in their business.

Topps Tiles

Renovation of the houses is no more havoc as this mundane task of the workers has been converted to an exciting one by the UK’s specialist who owned over 370 stores nationwide. He partnered with Growth Engineering to create Topps Tiles academy. This gamified version of the system utilizes badges, awards, and leaderboards to produce remarkable results. Within one month, the participation of employees, as well as the satisfaction of customers, have been enhanced.


The well-known system of providing a striking taste to coffees has increased their customer’s support by this gamification technique. “My Starbuck Rewards” program increases the level of loyalty of their customers depending upon the number of their purchases, and in return, they get an additional free product as a reward.


T-Mobile is one of the largest telco companies in the United States and Europe. As the complex products were formed, the services also grew difficult which in turn made consumers unhappy. To provide professional customer care, the social business platform of the T-community has been generated. The gamified elements help the crew to manage and learn the tactics to make consumers happy. The leaderboard allows them to compare their performance and rankings with other fellows.

Nike + Run Club

Nike is a brand known by a lot of people for its unusual products and services. They further enhance their purchase with the formation of the club. This is the most advanced and effective form of gamification. This gaming club offers all the running athletes to join the community of runners. This app helps you track your daily efforts and also provides you with a well-carved training program. They can also challenge other players and can win badges. This club not only helps Nike to extend its business, but it also promotes Nikes products in the sports community. It also retains the players to the brand while fulfilling their fitness goals.

Progress Wars

Progress Wars is Jacobs Skierning’s parody game that allows its users to finish their tasks quickly and efficiently and move to the next level. People can use this while working on a project. This gamification app motivates them to finish their work on time.

Beat the GMAT

This game has been started by an MBA student and it is really helpful for all the students pursuing this degree. This gamufication technique motivates MBA students to achieve their goals of study and awards them points when they succeed in it. It also appreciates them with badges of well done.

Jillian Michaels Fitness program

For the people that are too lazy to go out and join fitness clubs, this app was made for you. Here, the fitness trainer motivates people to get fitter by awarding them with badges of achievement. This app works as a personalized trainer and provides them with customized workouts and meal plans.

Stride Rite

The next level gamification technique is done by a shoe outlet for kids. It enriches the store experience for the kids by providing them with a screen. Here, children can present their models and dance in front of a screen to earn points. And the best scorer is provided with the coupons. This marketing strategy proves to be very successful in terms of increasing their customers, excellent reviews, and consumer interests.


Hewlett-Packard is one of the largest tech brands with billions of customers in more than 179 countries over 6 continents. To organize and manage their widespread business over the whole globe, they needed a sales team that should be an outclass. They partnered with growth engineering and created a mobile app to train the sales team on cyber security. They added game mechanics and “The HP Security Cap” was given to the winners. To the delight of the HP leadership team, this app has surpassed its learning target.

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