Put Windows 11 Start Button On Left Side

How to Put Windows 11 Start Menu Button in the Left Corner? 

If you are perplexed with having Start Menu in the middle in Windows 11, here is how to put Windows 11 Start Menu in the left corner.  You might be someone who isn’t very fond of big drastic changes – and wishes to continue the way he has been for a long time. However, technology and updates are inevitable in some instances. 

When you update from Windows 10 to Windows 11, one of the first things you may notice is that your Start menu has vanished (when it has only moved). Historically, the Windows Start menu has been located in the lower-left corner of the screen, but in the new version of Windows, the Start icon is located in the middle of a collection of icons in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. 

Differences in Windows 11 Overall Appeal 

When you click on the Start menu icon, you will notice that things seem quite different as well. Instead of the huge square Live Tiles that previously appeared, you now get a much more modest collection of app icons pinned to the main screen, most of which are Microsoft-related. To get the traditional A-to-Z listing of applications, click on “All apps” in the upper right corner (just below the search box). However, there are no tiles! 

Below the app icons, you’ll see a “Recommended” area with applications Microsoft believes you should try (like Teams). Similarly, if you click the “More” button, you will see some of the files or apps you have recently used. 

By the way, what’s up with that search field, and how to put Windows 11 Start Menu in the left corner is still a mystery. 

When you click on the search field, the Start menu appears, providing instant access to File Explorer, Settings, and other programs. While some may enjoy this more puritanical version of the Start menu, others who have become used to Windows 10’s more customizable version may want to know how to revert to the more familiar and more personal version. 

How to Put Windows 11 Start Menu in the Left Corner? 

You can go part of the way there by relocating the taskbar’s focused applications to the left. Here’s how you do this: 

  • To access taskbar settings, right-click on the taskbar and choose “Taskbar settings.” 
  • Choose “Taskbar behaviors” 
  • Locate “Taskbar alignment” and click the “Center” button on the right. Alternatively, choose “Left.” 

When you close the settings window, you’ll see that the taskbar’s program icons have been shifted to the left, with the Start menu symbol in the corner. This is it. This is how to put Windows 11 Start Menu in the left corner. 

Third-Party Software for Windows 11 Start Menu 

While this restores the Start menu to its normal location, it does not restore the one you were accustomed to. To reclaim it, you’ll need to use third-party software. This software includes Stardock. It has Start10 software, which enables Windows 10 users to retain their cherished Windows 7 menu UI.  

It has already made a beta version of their Start11 app accessible, which the firm claims would restore the original Windows 10 Start menu. The applications are not very expensive and can be pretty affordable. Once they become common, the question of how to put Windows 11 Start Menu in the left corner will not be a problem anymore. 

By far, the only program that claims to recreate the Windows 10 menu system is Start 11. It is certainly not to be the last – there were many applications available for Windows 7 users when Windows 10 was released.  

You can bet that there will be more options for the Windows 10 “look” in the near future as well. (There are a few regedit hacks floating around, but the most are either very complex or have been rendered obsolete during Microsoft’s beta cycle). However, we will continue to look forward to more options and will notify you once their reliability is established.  You will be able to crack how to put Windows 11 Start Menu in the left corner pretty well.

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